Company History

Standard Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. (SCE) has legally registered in Cambodia as the engineering and construction company since 2007.

In recent years, Standard construction & Engineering has executive for many projects such as high-rise building, low-rise building, road and bridge, landscaping, factory and warehouse building, drainage system, water pumping station in Phnom Penh city and other civil works more than 10 years and completed more than 50 projects.

Almost our projects are international projects and government projects, which has client from Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Phnom Penh City Hall.


Standard Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. (SCE) is a legally registered Cambodian Construction company, as follows:

  • Ministry of Commerce : No 4245, year 2007

  • Ministry of Country Planning, Urbanization and Construction : No 133, year 2007

  • Tax Department: No 9166, VAT 100133142

  • Ministry of Finance and Economic No 1158-15

Head Office And Branch

Standard Construction & Engineering has one main office, its administrative headquarter is located in the Chroy Chanva area, Phnom Penh. Additional facilities, with sufficient space for a storage warehouse, equipment plant, and maintenance and repair workshop is located Phnom Penh Thmey area.

Additional offices with all required facilities and resources are established for the duration of each project. This includes mobilizing technical and administration staff and using a communication network to link project sites with our administrative headquarters

Head Office Address: No. 336, Street Vichealai, S.K Chroy Changva, Khan Chroy Changva, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


We have Totaly management and staff are 175 person (office staff are almost 55 persons, all are Cambodian, and an additional 120 persons at job site) Standard Constru- ction & Engineering is strongly committed to capacity building in Cambodia. All staff, from administration staff for site control to machine operators and workers on site, receive skill training or periodic refresher training, without which the company’s reputation for service excellence could not be maintained.

Where necessary, the company is able to draw on its extensive network of international experts to complete the teams.

Company Management Technical Office Department Construction Department Finance Department HR & Admin Department
President 1 Technical Director 1 Project Director 1 Finance Manager 1 HR & Admin Manager 1
General Director 1 QS Mang & Staff 5 Project Mang 5 Accountant 2 HR 2
Planing Mang & Staff 5 Site Manager 10 Cashier 1 Admin 2
Architect Mang & Staff 7 Site Engineer 50 Purchaser 3 Sale & Marketing 2
Structure Mang & Staff 7 QS & QC 10 Storekeeper 4 Layer 1
MEP Mang & Staff 7 Foreman 15 Taxation 1 IT 1
Technical Training 1 Surveyors 30 Fixes Assets 2
Safety 50
Equipt Mang 2
Drivers & Operator 70
TOTAL 2 33 243 14 9


We have total Skilled and Unskilled worker around 2,000 persons

  • Skilled Workers around 800 persons

  • Un-Skilled Workers around 1,200 persons

  • And other outsouce worker, if we have more projects