We Build The Future Together!

The core values at Standard Construction & Engineering integrity, dedication, commitment, quality are traditional yet, married to the company's international standard services and sophisticated project management skills,

Years of experience, a disciplined approach, best practice methods of construction and our commitment to total quality management enable us to provide high-quality solution at a competitive price. We listen to and understand our customer's needs.

Our Mission is to maintain our position as the best builder in Cambodia by:

  • Providing outstanding service in terms of punctuality, competitive pricing and quality;

  • Maintaining our culture of continuous development, innovation and best practice

  • Further enhancing our standing as vigorous business competitor, while strongly adhering to ethical standards;

  • Continuing our approach of uncompromising integrity and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations,

  • Further developing Cambodia's hunam resources and infrastructure.

But beyond all this is our awareness that Standard Construction & Engineering touches the lives of thousands, possibly millions, of people throughout Cambodia. We want our legacy through our projects and our actions to be lasting and, always, excellent.