Standard Construction & Engineering, is a company which have full capacity of human resource and experiences for management all kind of the construction works, the list as below is key management of our company.



He has experience in finance, administration and projects management for more than 25 year, during that time he has manage the staff more than 300people and worker more than 2000 people for many projects, almost is international projects, such as Japanese ODA Projects, USA Projects, Australian Projects, Korean Project, Chinese Projects, France Project and ...est.


Contract Manager

He has experience in contract management field in Cambodia for more than 27 year, he got the diploma of Civil Engineer from Russia, almost of his experience with international and standard local the below are his job experiences:

  • Kandal Stung Irrigation Project: he in charge as Site Manager, the projects value US$ 8 mill.
  • Water Supply Project in PP: he in charge as Asst. Project Manager, the project value US$ 10 mill.
  • Exhibition Center at Siem Reap: he in charge as Site Manager, the project value US$ 1.5 mill.
  • Show Room Building for Camko City: he in charge as Site Manager, the project value US$ 0.5 mill.
  • Kompot Cement Factory: he in charge as Site Manager, the project value US$ 3.5 million


Executive Director

He has a Master's in Structural Engineering & Construction Management & Bachelor's Degree in Building Surveying, UNITED KINGDOM

He has experience in project management in the UK & Malaysia for more than 20 years. Nearly all his experience with international companies. His summary of experiences are as follows:

  • SCE (ED): 2018
  • TRX CITY (PM): new road, tunnel & bridges, US$85M, 2017
  • AECOM (RE): Mass Railway Transit (MRT), US$250M, 2013
  • BL CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING (Proj. Director): Rural road works; US$15M, 2010
  • MGPA (Asst. PM): Retail Mall/Hotel/Office/, US$50M ,2008
  • EDP GROUP (PM/RE): Commercial Shopping Mall & Hospitals, US$120M, 2004
  • NAMFATT CONSTRUCTION (Proj. Eng.): 15-F/20-F Apartments, US$30M, 2002


Mr. Hanzle Reyes

Project Manager

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineer & Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management, MALAYSIA

He has 15 years'of experience in Project and Construction Management with projects as below:

  • KLL PILING & JACK-IN (GM): throughout Malaysia, US$100M, 2018 
  • EMERALD CAPITAL GROUP (CM): Mix-residential Development, US$25M, 2017
  • BESMAKMUR (PM): 20-F Condominium, US$20M, 2014
  • LUMSON BINA ENGINEERING (PM): Railway Stations, US$20M ,2012
  • ISLAND LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION (Sr. Proj.Eng.): 27-F Apartment, US$30M, 2009
  • TAISEI CORPORATION (DUBAI), (Proj. Eng.): 20-F Condominium, US$1.2B, 2008
  • WABINA CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING (Site Coordinator): 16/24/29-F Apartments; US$45M, 2004

He is a fast and keen learner and a responsible person for his position.