Company History

Standard Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. (SCE) has legally registered in Cambodia as the cons- truction and engineering company.In recent years, Standard construction & Engineering has undergone an extensive modernization process, with advanced training and design processes, introducing sophisticated design software and total quality management, all of which ensure the company's going concern.The company's current projects are international projects such as Camko City Projects and BK Project located in Phnom Penh City. With the aim of developing Cambodia's infrastructure.

Registration Document

Standard construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. (SCE) is legally registered Cambodian construction company, as follows:

  • Ministry of Commerce : No 4245
  • Ministry of Country Planning, Urbanization and Construction : No 133
  • Tax Department: No 9166, VAT 100133142

Human resources

With a core staff of almost 100. all are Cambodian, and an additional 600 on site, Standard Constru- ction & Engineering is strongly committed to capacity building in Cambodia. All staff, from admini- stration staff for site control to machine operators and workers on site, receive skill training or periodic refresher training, without which the company's reputation for service excellence could not be maintained. Where necessary, the company is able to draw on its extensive network of international experts to complete the teams.

Head Office Management Engineering Staff Construction Supervision Project Control General
3 Directors 8 Engineers 7 Site Managers 2 Site Coordinators 7 Purchasers
3 Managers 5 Techicians 7 Site Engineers 3 QS
3 Asst. Manager 10 Supervisor 3 QC
20 Foremen 1 Progress Report
9 Mechanics 3 Accountants
9 Electricians 3 Storekeepers
12 Surveyors 3 Administrators

Head Office And Branchs

Standard Construction & Engineering has one main office, its administrative headquarter is located in the Chroy Chanva area, Phnom Penh. Additional facilities, with sufficient space for a storage warehouse, equipment plant, and maintenance and repair workshop is located Phnom Penh Thmey area.

Additional offices with all required facilities and resources are established for the duration of each project. This includes mobilizing technical and administration staff and using a communication network to link project sites with our administrative headquarters.

Head Office Address

No. 89, Street Machintek, S.K Chroy Changva, Khan Riseykeo, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel : (855) 023 72 2006, Fax : (855) 023 72 2007
Website :


Contact Person

Mr. Yen Srorn (Managing Director)
Mobile Phone : (855) 012 510 333

E. mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Standard construction & Engineering has almost 100 items of construction equipment, 50% of it co-owned in Cambodia. They are used in our construction activities and are also available for hire by other companies, ensuring maximum return for our capital investment.(for details of equipment owned, please go to list of equipment).

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Project Profile

Clients come to Standard construction & Engineering with range of demanding building challenges. In assessing whether we will accept a job, our paramount objective is never to compromise the integrity of our operations. We don not promise where we cannot deliver. We believe that the satisfaction of the client, the company and the end user depend on our ability to deliver a product that can be relied upon, and a service that can be trusted.

While a proportion - around 80% of our work comes from a diverse range of building projects, remaining 20% is civil engineering projects, in fact, there's not a job we can't do. (for details of project, please go to list of project).