Message From Chairman

Standard Construction & Engineering Co., has been part of the construction scene in Cambodia while Cambodia start to developt the country. During that time we have maintained our commitment to constantly enriching our skills, expertise and drive for exce- llence. For our customers and business partners, this means we focus on providing the right people, systems and technology always maintaining the integrity of our operations-to deliver successful outcomes.

With success comes responsibility; and we believe that part of our responsibility is to leave a tangible legacy for our country, assisting in its reconstruction through our involvement in many of its major building projects. So, while we are totally focused on serving the clients’ interests, listening to and understanding their needs, we have never forgotten, and will never forget the end users-Cambodia’s people.

Standard Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd. is a strong endorsement of the company’s ability to work closely, and at competitive prices, with a range of national and international contractors on a diverse range of infrastructure and building works, These include airports, building, roads and railways, bridges, dams and irrigation, water supply and power plants. We look forward to working with all future clients, whatever their requirements, with the promise that we will complete the project punctually, professionally and at a competitive price.


 Long Chhorn